Finally gift cards and loyalty rewards combined into one.

No apps, no texting, no emailing, no coupons, no counter top clutter, just the magic of pre-paid tabs.

We built TabHere to help merchants increase sales.


12% boost in customer visits.

Regulars with tabs come back more often because they have money stored in their tabs. Coupled with the gifting requirement, TabHere is the only program that lets existing customers invite new customers through your door using a digital gift card.

10% boost in transactions per visit.

Tabs are so easy to pay with, customers regularly opt in for that extra purchase. Instant email receipts and tab gifting make it easy to pay for a friends coffee or drink.

Gift Cards

Pre-paid tabs are gift cards.

Loyalty Rewards

Buy a gift card, get 15% more.

Register Compatible

Works with any existing point of sale.

Your staff will know your best customers.

Take customer service to a whole new level, every tab has a photo, name, and tons of spending habit statistics like visit frequency, average transaction, total spend, and average tab. Its analytics for your business.

Run incentives based on your customer habits.

Now that you know who your best customers are, run special offers for most visits in a week, or most friends referred. Leverage these TabHere insights to grow your local footprint. When you value your regulars, your business will grow.

Best Customers

Know who spends the most often.

Better Service

Regulars love, "Put it on my tab!".

Built In Analytics

Know exactly who and how much.

Visit automatically posted to social media.

Your customer base has a much greater social media reach than your business. TabHere users can connect Twitter and Facebook accounts to their tab so every time they use their tab, all their friends get to know they're at your establishment again.

Tabs can be gifted over email.

You can't rip a physical gift card in two and give half to a friend. TabHere lets any user share part of their tab with anyone via email or social media. Let your regulars do the marketing for you. TabHere reserves 5% of the reward explicitly for gifting.

Social Mentions

Tabs automatically mention visits.

Organic Marketing

Regulars endorse you to their friends.

Reach Thousands Locally

Your customers know more locals.

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"When you empower your loyal customers with TabHere gift cards and rewards, they will naturally promote you."- Paul @ TabHere ( Founder )